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Our practical sheets

The syndic of co-ownership

Co-property information

In a condominium, all the co-owners are united in the syndicate of co-owners. The syndic is the representative of the syndicate. He is appointed by theassembly of co-owners.

It is necessary to appoint a trustee in each co-ownership. In the absence of a trustee, a co-owner can take the initiative to ask the judge to appoint a provisional administrator, who will have a trustee appointed by the syndicate of co-owners.

The trustee may be :

  • - A professional, holder of areal estate agent's card, bearing the mention "Real Estate Management", who has subscribed to a financial guarantee guaranteeing the return of funds he would hold for the syndicate.
  • - A non-professional, who is one of the co-owners.

The syndic is appointed by thegeneral assembly of co-owners for a period which cannot exceed 3 years, in principle. His remuneration is determined by thegeneral assembly of co-owners.

The syndic's mission is to :

  • - To ensure the administration of the building. He keeps the list of co-owners up to date, subscribes the insurance of the building, sends the calls for funds, keeps the accounts of the syndicate...
  • - To ensure the maintenance of the building, by passing the necessary contracts, by recruiting personnel, if it is necessary.
  • - To convene theassembly of the co-owners. He usually acts as secretary of the meeting and carries out the decisions taken.

In case of emergency, the syndic has the right to decide to carry out works. He must then immediately convene a meeting of the co-owners.